Leader’s Window Training

leaders-window-notebook-w-cube-taller-revUsing The L4 System To Build High Performing Teams

The Leader’s Window is a highly interactive 2-day course that helps senior leaders, middle managers, and supervisors develop their knowledge and skills for leading high performing teams. Participants learn about their leadership styles, understand how to use the full range of styles to work with different individuals, and learn how to use the styles to create productive group dynamics. Ultimately they learn how to use the Leader’s Window to integrate individual accountability with positive group dynamics in a way that builds and sustains effective teamwork.

Major Topics include:

1. Understanding the key elements of a collaborative organization

2. Recognizing the 4 leadership styles of the L4 System, the behaviors associated with each one, and the effective and ineffective use of each style

3. Knowing how to use leadership styles to get individuals to perform to the best of their potential

4. Getting feedback about leadership strengths and weaknesses from the L4 Self and the L4 Other Leadership Style Assessments

5. Knowing how to use the Situational Analysis and Performance Contracting structures to manage individual excellence

6. Understanding how the use the leadership styles to create effective group dynamics

7. Applying the Leader’s Window to make your team a high performing team